Skin Care

What to try? What to Buy?

A lot of people have been asking me what I use on my skin and what my daily skincare regime is. I do use quite a lot of products so don’t feel the need to go out and buy all of them, personally I have combination to oily skin so if you don’t the products might not work with your skin.

Firstly you need to make sure that you clean, prep and rest your skin.

First thing on a morning after a shower l wash my face with Clinique’s Liquid Facial soap and then use the Clarifying lotion as a toner straight afterwards. Then finally adding the dramatically different moisturising gel. I suggest leaving 10 minutes before putting primer on your skin just to allow the moisturiser to settle in.

  1. clq_6G0R_402x464
    Liquid Facial Soap £16.50
  2. clq_6126_402x464
    Clarifying Lotion £16.50



    Dramatically Different Moisturising gel £18.50


If you haven’t tried these products before and are not sure if they will work with your skin, you can also buy a travel sized set which is perfect for testing the products out.



When the moisturiser has soaked into my skin I then take Oil Control Lotion by M.A.C and apply this all over my face, to make sure my makeup stays on and will prevent my skin from getting oily throughout the day.

MAC – £24.50.










The last product that I use before I apply my foundation is MAKEUP FOREVER STEP 1 Skin Equaliser, this creates the perfect base for foundation and evens out the skins surface allowing it to last all day.











Once a week I also like to use a Clarisonic machine to make sure that my Skin is throughly clean, you can really feel the difference just after one use.

Clarisonic £199







Finally after I have applied my makeup I set it with MAC Fix Plus, I seriously couldn’t live without this, it helps your makeup to last all day and also reduces the chances of it looking over done in natural light. This is a must.

MAC Fix + £24.50

My next blog post following this one will be on every day makeup and my favourite products.

Here is links to everything that I have mentioned in this post :

1.Liquid Facial soap

2.Clarifying Lotion

3. Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

4.3-Step Introduction Kit Skin Type 3

5.MAC Oil Control Lotion

6.Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

7. Clarisonic – Smart Profile

8. MAC Fix +

Hope this helps girls !







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