London Fashion Week with LG Electronics 

This week I had the pleasure of attending FODOR GOLAN’S show at London Fashion Week thanks to LG Electronics! Super massive thankyou to them!

This was my first ever fashion week, but hopefully the first of many. If you didn’t already know this is the 10th consecutive season as the official garment supplier of London Fashion Week. LG have been doing research over common spills and mishaps that happen on a day to day basis.



I decided to wear an amazing figure hugging jumpsuit from Almau, the quality of the dresses from here are unbelievable. Personally I don’t think that I have ever worn something that fit my body so well.
 I paired this jumpsuit with a long duster jacket from Topshop and Valentino heels to keep things neutral for the day time. Then added a leather jacket and black Chanel clutch for a night time look.

I am a nightmare for spilling things on my clothes before I have to be somewhere important, so I told my self no coffee before the show. However It wouldn’t have been a problem since LG were running an express laundry service on the first day of London Fashion Week to deal with any stains or spills on garments within the W1 postcode.


LG’s research shows that on average British adults ruin one to two piece of clothing a year – amounting to £2 billion of clothing! By far the nation’s most common laundry mishap is shrinking clothing, with almost two thirds of people saying they’ve damaged garments in this way, demonstrating Brit’s lack of understanding and attention when it comes to caring for our couture.arch, shows that on average British adults ruin one to two piece of clothing a year – My next post will be about the show!

Liv x





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