From being 3 years old I can remember stealing my mums shoes and bags and walking round the house like the devil wears Prada 😂 Practically nothing has changed!

A lot of people have asked me to do a post on my favourite bags / bag collection / ones to invest in! So I’m going to try and combine it all into one!

I am kind of obsessed with designer bags 💁🏼 I normally borrow them off my mum and end up keeping them ! ( basically every time I’m home) I use certain bags all the time and others just for special occasions!


I was purchased my first Hermes Birkin for my 16th Birhday by my amazing parents!!! You really can’t beat the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every one of their products! This was bought in Atlanta, USA. I don’t use this all the time since it such a special item to me! And obviously it stands out so much, it can either make or overpower your outfit so you need to be careful.


This is one of my most used bags! Perfect for every occasion! Going to the shops, on a city break or a night out! I have always loved anything Chanel! This is a “Small Boy Bag” This is from when I went to LFW! I tucked most of the chain in to make it look like a different style! This is definitely hands down the best investment for me. Especially since I travel quite a lot & living in London and constanly being on tubes means that I can keep my bag on my body and know that everything’s safe!


This is one of my most recent steals from the mother! I love this bag! It fits everything I need for uni into and goes with most outfits! I like the slouchy relaxed feel! You can wear with jeans or dress it up with a Balmain blazer! Looks great with a leather jacket and trainer or boots and heels!

Louis Vuitton

Every girl should have at least one Louis! I love vintage Louis!

This is a very early style! I really haven’t seen anyone else with one which makes me love it even more! Looks great with a white shirt and light jeans❤️


I think one probably is enough, but I fell in love with the colour!  Like my orange one they are very statement bags! This one I can wear with most outfits!  A great bag to travel with since it so big! 

Juicy Couture

This is actually a Juicy Couture bag! Normally they are really out there with wild colours or are some sort of velour😂 but this is made of the most amazing leather! Love this as a day bag for lunching and shopping! Only problem is it falls off your shoulder all the time and I hate that!


This is my most recent purchase! It was a present for my 20th birthday this year! I have always wanted one! I had a tiny one as a child and this is such an amazing colour👅This is the “Lady Dior” looks fab with all black! Very surprising how much you can actually fit in this tiny thing.


I have far too much nude in my wardrobe but I needed something to go with all my clothes! I love this bag so much! Looks great with most things! And such amazing quality! I got this a present for moving to London a few years ago 🙂

If I had to choose my favourite or one that I would recomend 100% to invest in, the Chanel Boy Bag is my favourite all time!

This bag always makes an even plain outfit look Chic.

If there’s anything you want me to do a post on please let me know 🙂

Love Liv






12 thoughts on “Bags 

  1. In love with this post 😍😍how much did your grey birkin cost? Want one so bad but I’ve heard how hard it is to get one!! Did you buy yours from Hermes or was it second hand? Keep posting please! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey chick I’m not sure about how much they are since it was a gift! I know there very expensive tho! It was bought from Hermes! Thank you yes I definitely will do 😘😘❤️


  2. Been following you on Instagram for years and still so in love with your style ! You literally have the best fashion sense please could you do outfit posts/outfit of the day? That would be fab😘

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  3. I remember see you posting your Chanel GST a couple years ago and I asked for the same one for my 18th haha! Thanks to you I have my favourite bag in the world 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love all your posts! They’re so detailed and you’re such a lovely person. I’ve followed you on insta for years and i adore every post you’ve ever done. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re such a lovely girl!x

    Liked by 1 person

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