La La Lab

I am so obsessed with this app thanks to Michelle Monroe, I have always been in awe of her amazing photo collection! This app lets you upload photos straight from you phone or laptop to the site, you can choose different sizes and even add captions! Then the photos get sent straight to your front door.

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I love taking photos & creating memories, especially now I don’t live in the UK its important to me to keep photos of my family and friends.


I decided to go with the vintage photo prints! so that I could caption each one and they would all be the same size! Each print is 29p which is amazing!!!!


I can’t wait to either put them on my wall in my room back in Copenhagen.


You can get different sizes, canvas prints and frames all from your phone. With my discount code PGV24QQC you receive a £5 voucher to spend. Meaning you will get 17 vintage prints for free and then receive your own £5 off code!

This app is definitely worth a look at, the quality of the prints are amazing! A perfect little treat for yourself or for a gift!!

Ideas –


I have always been in love with this photo! & its so simple to do! all you need is fairy lights and small pegs! However, at the weekend  I found a better alternative!


You can get these for £5.99 on ebay, mine are on the way!

If theres anything you want to know or want me to do a post about please let me know 🙂

Hope you enjoyed

Love Liv



One thought on “La La Lab

  1. Could you please do a blog post about your birkins? Where you got them/how you got them and how much they were etc? Thank you! So happy to see you’re blogging again.

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